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BE2010 IDR Disk config issue

Created: 23 Mai 2013 • Updated: 23 Mai 2013 | 2 comments


I'm running a win 2003 server with BE2010 inc IDR.

The backup is set to backup the whole server and appears to complete 100% every run. The problem seems to be if I try to carry out a full bare-metal IDR test restore.

I can boot from the tape, select the .dr file, when attempting to format the drives  "D:\" fails and doesn't restore any data to it, restores C:\ without issue, I can't format it from within the IDR boot using Disk Management as that errors.

I notice when running the IDR wizard on the live server the 'Disk Configuration Report' at the end shows Drive = D formatted as both FAT & NTFS where as C:\ is only NTFS.

I think this is where my issue lays but I cannot find any info on a resolution. The OS sees D:\ as a NTFS Partition.

Any help would be grately appreciated.


Edit - altered BE version number to correct version

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If you are using BE 2012, then you are using SDR.  IDR is only for BE 2010 and below.

You can restore the D: drive after you have brought up the server.  The important thing is to restore the C: drive, shadow copy component and the system state before rebooting the restored server.

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Hi pkh,

You're correct, it's 2010 we're using NOT 2012. apologies.

I am able to restore D:\ once the server is back up and running but if possible would like to rectify the issue as it would make the whole process more user friendly.