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Best practices in maintaining a computers inventory

Created: 14 Nov. 2012 | 5 comments

Hello All,

I want to ask you (in your experience) what are the best practices trying to maintain my computers's inventory. When you take out a computer from your network do you delete it from the console (CMDB)?

  • If you do that, how do you track this an all the historical computers?
  • If yo don't delete it, how do you release the licences used by this computer (Symantec Management Agent, PCAnywhere, etc)?
  • How do you prevent that all historical computers (the ones that are not in the network) shows in the console, and in all the reports.

Can you please give me some advices of what you use to do administrating this inventory or some KB in Symantec?

Thanks in advance.


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You can either delete or retire it.

Either manually, or automatically using the wanted purge settings at:

  • Settings -> Notification Server -> Purging Maintenance - Purging Maintenance

If you delete it, all data is gone ... there is no undelete.

More about retiring computers:

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But what you use to do with computers that are just dirtying your computer list, for example Server's ILOs, or any computers that you don't want to manage. If I delete it, it appears again next day in the new discovery.

What do you recommend?

furthermore, I have a lot of computers with no name and can't delete it. Do you know why it happens and how can I delete it?

I attach two images.

Thanks again.


ILO_Computers.PNG No_named_computers.PNG
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Hi, anyone have any comments? Please, I'm sure you have some standard to deal with this, it should be a basic task.

Do altiris have some status for this kind of computers that I don't wanna manage?



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How are you discovering your clients? Are they coming in through Active Directory? 

If you are purging to delete, then they will repopulate when the active directory import runs again unfortunately.  The only thing you can do is change the Status of those computers, to retired/Disposed, but they will still show in your Activit Center as an Asset. I would suggest cleaning up your import source.

For the "Blank" Computers, if you right click and attempt to delete that does not work? 

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Agreen with sunnyDays, if these are retired computers, move them to a retired OU that doesn't get imported.

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