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Brand New LTO 4 Tape with data on it?

Created: 30 Nov. 2012 | 3 comments


We ordered some brand new LTO 4 tapes for our backups all packaged and new

Stuck it in the Drive did an inventry and funnily enough the tape said

Creation Date: some back in 2007

Modified Date: some date in 2009

Available Capacity: 382 GB

Total Capacity: 781 GB

I tried catlog it but it says no backup set found so unable to see if there is any data on there

now this is a brand new package tape we purchased directly from the supplier im a bit confused why its showing the info above and its the first time we using this tape

any ideas what this could be? ??

Getting a bit paranoid that it could be refurbished tapes from somewhere else resold on...but any ideas ??

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l'image des ZeRoC00L

Was there some plastic around the tapes ?
If not, ask your supplier for more details...

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l'image des error404

yeh there was plastic around it brand new packaging!

l'image des Marianne

Check with your supplier - seems they charged you for new tapes but wrapped second-hand tapes to look like new...

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