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Can one server, different jobs use different priority ??

Created: 25 Janv. 2014 • Updated: 13 Fév. 2014 | 3 comments
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Hi All,

In BE 12, I can use HIGH proiority for FULL backup (Weekly) / MEDIUM for Differential (Daily) in same server.

But after upgraded to BE 2012, can't set it like BE 12.

Anyway to set it ?? Or not allow in BE 2012 ??


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What is your purpose for setting priority? If it is for ensuring that your full backups got started first, then BE 2012 has a different way of superseding jobs. See my atom article below

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Hi pkh,

May be I try to ask in other way, is Priority unused when only one backup job is run ?? (like 7pm start)

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Yes. It is not used when there is a single job. Priority is used to determine which job use a resource first