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CCS Standard Manager COBIT template

Created: 09 Janv. 2013 | 8 comments
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Hi Guys,

I am working on a client requirement with CCS Standard Manager to check compliance against COBIT standard. I could not find predefined COBIT template under Standards > Predefined.

Can someone please tell me if COBIT comes in predefined standards or where to get it and import it into Standard Manager.

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CCS v11? There aren't any.

CCS v10.5.x has them (I'm attaching), but they aren't anything you should necessarily use.

Enjoy! :)

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CobiT from CCS 343.31 KO
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Thanks Matt for the response. Please check the screenshot below. These are the predefined standards I am seeing on CCS console.

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What's in the "Applications" folder?

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Under Applications are specific checks for different Applications.

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you can import what I attached into CCS... they work... but I'd do some heavy editing to them for use "in the real world" if I were you :)

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If you really wanted to use the COBIT standard, the suggested method now is to make sure your checks are mapped to the appropriate control statements using the controls studio.  Make sure that you have enabled the Cobit Framework and then setup a Dashboard that will look at your results on how they stack up with the Cobit Framework.   Currently there are a couple of Dashboards that you can use as reference such as PCI Mandate or SOX Mandate Dashboards.   Hopefully these will be enough for you to determine how using the controls studio works.

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Thanks Matt and cmccoy2,

Appreciate your feedback. I will explore the possibility of customizing the predefined standard.

Definitely going to try Control Studio for mapping controls aspect.

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If you are going to use the Controls studio and you have copied checks from the predefined standards, then you will want to use the "Clone" mappings option in the Controls Studio.  This will restore the mappings of the control statements to the copied checks.   This only works if you are copying from the same instance of CCS since all of the control mappings are based on GUIDs in the database.   If you have a QA\Dev CCS instance and export\import the standards, then the clone mappings doesn't work.  This may save you some time with mappings.