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Change the B2D folder name and Path

Created: 03 Janv. 2013 • Updated: 29 Janv. 2013 | 6 comments
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I have BE2012 SP1

is the a simple way to chnage the B2D name and Path?



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Follow the procedure mentioned in this TN:

l'image des Colin Weaver

You can only rename the logical name within the BE Admin console and change the path by drive letter (using info given by Kiran). The folder itself within the drive has to be called bedata and be located on the root, that path cannot be changed.

Also be aware that in BE 2012 you can only have one disk storage device per volume unlike previous versions 

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sorry..I jus get confused more with your solution..

I have preconfigured B2D to:  D:\BEData

the question is simple:

can i change it to the same drive but different foldr that to:  D:\Backup Exec\BEData (for example!!!)

is that so confused to do so???


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You posted in main query as you were using BE 2012 and asking how to change B2D path.

Starting from BE 2012 there is only Disk Storage. And there is a limitation like, you can have only one such thing per volume.

EDIT: I have preconfigured B2D to:  D:\BEData

Not to D:\BEData but just to D:\

BE will create BEData when you create disk storage. Because of one disk storage per Volume limitation, it seems like you would need to follow a two step process. Change the path to a drive other than D:\ first, then agai to D:\Backup Exec as intended. Quite long process!

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No You cannot customize the path X:\BEDATA  is the fixed location.

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Can you have subfolders under the BEData folder? I would like to create subfolders under this folder and label the folders for each server that I'm backing up and directing the backup for that particualar server to it's respective folder name. Or are all the backup files stored in the BEData folder only?
Such as:
X:\BEData\ServerA and all of Server A's backup stored in this folder
X:\BEData\ServerB and all of Server B's backup stored in this folder
X:\BEData\ServerC and all of Server C's backup stored in this folder