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Client/Policy Backup success report

Created: 23 Nov. 2013 • Updated: 25 Nov. 2013 | 2 comments
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Hi all,

every morning I check in Netbackup if all the backups of the last ~14 hours ran sucessful.

But I have the problem that sometimes the policy needs 2 attempts to backup up the clients, the first one fails but the client is backed up in the second attemps. So when I see a backup failure I have to manually check if there is a second attempt, and if so if that is successful.

I have OpsCenter avaliable and wonder if there is a report that shows me if a list of clients or a whole policy ran sucessful in the last x hours, regardless how many attepmts NetBackup needed, the main thing is that the client has a successful backup.

I can see there are some interesting reports e.g. client risk analysis & job sucess by client, but these reports cannot be changed to only show a specific cleint or policy.

I wonder if some NBU admins can share their knowledge. How do you check that your clients did get a sucessful backup in a give timeframe? What are your techniques to check backups?

Best regards


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1) as you already have the Opscenter you can schedule the report Job success by Client (Tabluar), which is avaliable in report templets.

if you are looking for specific set of clients..

then you can customise the report and save it can also schedule the mail notification for the same.

for the specific clients.. first you need to create a View in the Opscenter where you select all require clients in that view and then select the view in the report customization.

as the second attempt is also have the same job ID, this report only show as failure only when all the attempts got failed.


2) alternativaly you can use the Netbackup GUI---> Reports..--->Status of the backup with the specific time frame.


3) also you can try below one for specific client to see the all successfull and failure jobs for the clients.(lists both successfull and failed info)

bperror -client <clientname> -hoursago 1


4) if you only what to see the if the clienthas then successfull jobs with in the past few hours ( does not list the failed info)

bpimagelist -client <clientname> -hoursago <hours>

hope this helps.

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HI Nagalla,

thanks for the info, I will try your suggestions with OpsCenter, was not aware of the "views" feature.