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clipboard with image

Created: 16 Juin 2013 • Updated: 20 Juillet 2013 | 4 comments
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I created a simple policy to monitor clipboard and I find out that it will create an incident only if text is placed inside clipboard and not images (for example screen clippings, print-screen,...)

It is right??

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l'image des pete_4u2002

how have you set the policy?

have you selected IDM?

l'image des reza akhlaghy

Hi Pete,

This is a simple policy, I created a policy and set protocol to clipboard and limit it to a single user.

Whenever I put a text in clipboard (from simple programs such as notepad or complex one such as adobe acrobat) it will create an incicent. But when I put an image (with print-screen or snipping tool) there will be no incidents.Did I miss something?

l'image des DLP Enthusiast

Hi Reza,

Printscreen cannot be monitored by DLP and it has to be deactivated from the Windows Registry. As far as Snipping tool is concerned, I think its the same story .. but you should check by adding it into the Application Monitoring . I hope that helps . 

l'image des reza akhlaghy

It is really strange that Symantec DLP cannot monitor that. It seems there are lots of methods to leak data which is not covered by DLP....