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Confirming Partial Activation

Created: 24 Avr. 2012 | 1 commentaire

Is there anyway to confirm partial activation of a layer once it has been set using the "SVSCMD layername PARTIALACTIVATE -Y" command?  "SVSCMD layername P -V" shows that it is 'active' and 'active on start' but nothing where I can confirm that it is partially active.



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Unfortunately, there is not a setting that can be examined. What you could look at is that only the partially activated data is active and nothing else is. They way this works is that when a layer is partially activated, any registry keys or directories that contain the data that is needed to expose the application to the system are virtualized. So, for example, any classes in HKCR will be activated, and any directories containing link files or exe files will be active. Other directories, such as one that contains only config files, or one that contains only language dlls, will not be activated until one of the processes starts from the layer, which triggers the full activation. Using this you should able to identify a directory that will exist when the layer is fully active, but not exist when the layer is partially active.

Jeremy Hurren, Sr. Principal Software Engineer, Symantec