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connecting EV 9.0.3 to work with office 365

Created: 02 Nov. 2012 • Updated: 15 Nov. 2012 | 4 comments
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currently we are runing testing office 365, we would like to have archiving running on office 365.

i checked the compatibility chart, it show that ev 9.0.3 is supported.

could i have some guide on how to configure that?

million thanks in advance.

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l'image des JesusWept3

I believe you can only Journal from Office 365

2. The current integration with Office 365 requires an intermediary Exchange Server to receive Journal data. There is no direct access to the cloud based Exchange server and therefore mailbox archiving is not supported at this time

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Yep. Only journaling for office 365. EV.Cloud can integrate with office 365 though.

however, the experience is a little different.



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l'image des JesusWept3

yeah the experience is massively different, i'm still not entirely sure why they call it EV.Cloud because it has veyr little in common with EV