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Create specific SLA incident to departament

Created: 26 Avr. 2012 | 12 comments


I need help to create an specific incident SLA for certain categories or departments.

How i can do that ?

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I haven't done much with SLAs, but I believe you will need to edit the Setup SLA Requirements model in SD.DataServices.  Right now there is matches rule on priority, but you could easily add a matches rule using Incident.Classification_Category_01 and another one for Incident.Department.

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Josh is correct in where you will have to make the modification. You will also have to be aware that onces the SLA levels are set upon incident creation changing the category or department will not cause the SLA information to change if these fields are modified.

Example: The incident is classified with the category of Break-Fix which has a very short SLA time frame(2 hours for warn & 4 hours for late with a priority of normal). If the technician decides this should have been classified as a different category, which has late & warn times of 2 days & 4 days respectively, it will still use the times set when the incident was created.

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SLA's are implemented poorly in ServiceDesk due to the fact the call to setup the SLA is only done once during the incident creation. For example, if you have a strict SLA for Support I incidents but a really loose one for Payroll, if the incident was created for Support I and then reassigned to Payroll, the SLA for Support I will trigger. If you want to apply the SLA for Payroll you'd have to call the the setup SLA web service again.

Most of our tickets come from emails and get assigned to Support I and then gets routed to the various groups so by default they have the Support I SLA trigger times applied to them. 

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Yep, they actually designed it this way. The swim lanes that one sees in SD.DataServices|Setup SLA requirements cannot be changed once the incident has been created.

Frankly, that's cr4p. Does it not make perfect sense that if an incident is reclassified, routed to a specific group or whatever, it could need a different SLA?

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I think that you can probably call the Setup SLA web service again during a reassign so that the new time gets updated. I haven't had a chance to try it as I've been too busy trying to "fix" all the other stuff that doesn't work out of the box for this thing. I agree that would be too logical a thing to design it the way you described. 

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... Or you could have separate instances for each group in your company....  no wait - that would be a complete waste of resources ;-)..  sorry - been frustrated with this one as well since we have AP/HR/Payroll/IT/SAP/Facilities all on one system generating about 10,000 tickets a month at the current rate.  It takes an hour in the morning to move items from the OUT OF TIME queue back into their respective groups.

Sorry if I'm venting here, but it does get old.  If there _is_ a good fix for this (using SD7.1 SP2) please share.


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We've turned off our SLA's until I can figure out a better way for them. Things we want to do is reset the SLA after it has been reassign and when the escalation triggers we want it to go the lead of that group so that they're aware of the escalation instead of it coming to the Service Managers. When I get a chance to work on it I'll let you know if I get anywhere but I have about another 50 or so issues to fix before I can even get to it.

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We did the same with turning off the SLAs.   There was so many other things I wanted to make sure work that SLA slid a little low on the chart. 

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Reading the tea leaves suggests that SLA configuration will move into the console. Cannot wait to see how that turns out smiley


Perhaps the best solution - turn it off.

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The head developer told me this as well but we'll have to see how flexible it will be with the new rules engine they've been touting. I agree, best thing you can do is turn it off and forget about it since the way it's designed right now is useless and don't really want to spend an hour a day like Steve just reassigning tickets back to the worker. Sorry Steve smiley

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That's where I got from wink

I get the feeling they are still trying for a 'one size fits all'. Not gonna work, IMO.

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review the post that you set in spanish about the same issue.

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