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Cummulative Differential Backup on SAN greater than Full Backup

Created: 17 Décembre 2012 • Updated: 17 Décembre 2012 | 2 comments
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Hi to everyone

Our environement is Solaris Sparc 64bit with Netbackup 7.0.1 on SunOS 5.0 (Solaris 10)

Since short time we use a VNC SAN  and want to change our Backup-Window from Daily-Full-Backups to a Rotation of Full-Backups and Cummulative-Incremental Backups.

When I controlled the first Backup-Sets, i was very shocked. The Cummulative-Incremental Backups needs not only more than twice the time as the Full Backup; they also save more than double the amount of data.

Is this a normal behaviour for a san-backup ?

As in my understanding, a Cummulative-Incremental Backup retains the differences between the last Full-Backup and the Next-Full-Backup and grows from Backup-Set to Backup-Set. But, within a Backup-Set, there ist an Automatic End. The Backup did not catch unlimited any new open files on the SAN.

Thanks for your Help


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l'image des RamNagalla

i dont think its normal behariver..

Cummulative is Cummulative over the SAN or LAN i belive..

you may need to look in detail , whats causing this..behavier.. 

did you check this with the small filesystem how its behaving?

could you provide the output of bppllist <policyname> -U

l'image des Stormchaser

Hi Nagalla

Your right

In the meantime, i've consulted our dba's and application administrators and the solutions was, that the database was core-dumped ( cause ? unknown).

So, the only thing, i have to do is, that the colleagues have to analyze the file and/or to clear it for deletion. 

Thanks for your fast response.