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Custom reports on Offline media with state of overwritable.

Created: 10 Décembre 2012 • Updated: 10 Décembre 2012 | 4 comments

Morning all, and many thanks for any help given.

I'm having a small issue with Backup exec 2012 - I'm trying to create a custom report based on offline media that's current status on Overwrite protection period is overwritable.

However I'm unable to locate the correct filters to run any report off any media that's offline?

All I'm after is a report that tells me what media is offline that can be recalled from secure storage (Thus overwritable).

Any ideas?

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l'image des pkh

There is no need for such a report.  You can see from your OPP when the media is overwritable.  For example, if your OPP is set o 14 days, then the media will be overwritable after 14 days.  You can recall such media knowing that they will be overwritable.

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Yes I can, however our offline media is kept offsite that require the tape names E-mailed them to them, 2012 doesn't allow copy and paste from the dashboard, which means I have to spend the time copying by hand up to fifty tape names each day.

Not what I would call a leap forward from our older version, it's a simple time saving report that's all.

l'image des pkh

There is a report which lists media within a media set.  You can edit and send this report.

I don't know how you send your tapes off-site.  I send mine out in a container and I just have to recall the container at the right time.

l'image des CDEvans

Ah, we have to recall each tape by name :( not the best setup in the world.

I'll take a look at the media set reports.

Thanks for your help.