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Dell Powervault 124T (LTO5) and Backup Exec 2012 - Suggestions?

Created: 02 Août 2012 | 1 commentaire

Hello backup gurus!   I'm looking for suggestions about the best way to set up a full system backup.

I've got a Dell Powervault 124T with an LTO5 drive.

This unit has two magazines, each magazine can hold up to 8 LTO5 tapes. I have 6 magazines total. In each magazine I have 6 LTO5 tapes (slots 1-6) and 1 cleaning tape (slot 8).  The tapes are bar-code labeled and the cleaning tapes have cleaning bar code labels.

This unit is attached to a Dell server with a about 12TB in use.   Running Windows Server 2008 R2 Enterprise.  Backup Exec 2012.

Here's what I would like to do:

    Each Week run a full backup to a magazine (start on Friday night).  After that full backup completes run an incremental every night.   At the end of the week the backup would switch to the 2nd magazine and do a full backup on Friday night, then an incremental every night.    At the end of that 2nd week I would remove the two magazines and insert two different magazines and the cycle would repeat.    At the end of 6 weeks I would have 6 magazines, each would have a complete backup and some incremental backups for a week.   I then start the cycle over  (I do not want/need to archive tapes, we only need 30 days of backups and this gives me more than that -- basically this is purely for disaster recovery of that particular server)

Here's what I THINK I need to do:

 1. Set Backup Exec to partition the robotic library into 2 partitions  (1-8 and 9-16)

 2. Create a backup job for partition 1, this would run a full backup this friday night and then incrementals each night after that until Friday

 3.  Create a backup job for partition 2 and schedule that to start NEXT friday (full backup friday, incrementals each night after that)

 4.  Every two weeks change out the magazines and reschedule the jobs above

Here's my questions:

   1.  Will BackupExec automatically use the cleaning tapes when they are needed?  Do I need to set up a different partition for the cleaning tapes?

   2.  I have the media retention set to 4 weeks so I won't accidentally overwrite my tapes (especially if I forget to change magazines).   Will that work?

   3.  Is there a better way, am i crazy, etc

Constructive criticism is welcome.  Comments about changing the equipment won't be helpful, this is what I have and I don't have any choice in that matter.  I have a couple of weeks before this goes into production so I'm not afraid to try/test things.

Thanks for your time and advice!


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This scheme would probably work.  The only problem would be how to schedule the jobs to run on alternate weeks.

As for cleaning tape, you don't have to have a cleaning tape for each magazine.  One cleaning tape per library will do.  You can schedule a cleaning job to run occasionally or just run the cleaning job as and when required.

Yes. You can go to the Storage tab and define a media set with an OPP of 4 weeks to protect your tapes.  In fact, this is what you should do.