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discovering devices in symantec backupexec 2012 hangs for a long

Created: 29 Sept 2012 | 8 comments
l'image des Jomy

discovering devices in symantec backupexec  2012 hangs for a long times

we already installed be2012sp1a but still the problem continuing.

suggestion is appreciated.

Thanks in advance

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l'image des pkh

Go the BE installation directory and use BEUtility to repair BE.  After that, re-boot the media server.

l'image des Larry Fine

check the adamm.log file for errors

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l'image des mscaraglino

I solved this problem on a windows server 2008 r2.

In the device manager i have noticed that the library' driver was named as unknown.
Stop all services.
Update drivers with windows update
Restart the server

l'image des Larry Fine

your fix was probably a coincidence.  Using "unknown medium changer" for the robotic library is generally the desired driver.

What robotic library & tape drive?  What interface?

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l'image des mscaraglino

Overland NEO200s (HP MSL G3 series with hp drive)

I don't think its a coincidence, but i think it's a bug of sp1a

l'image des Jomy

our problem was related to tape drive , It was going offline ..

rectified the hardware problem and it is working.

l'image des SIE_PaulDK

@ Jomy - how did yuo fix the hardware error on your tape drive going offline? It seems I've got the same problem?

Kind Regards 
Paul De Klerk

l'image des Jomy

1.shutdown the server

2. power off the tape drive.

3.disconnect cable from server

4 power on server and down after booting to OS

5. connect tape cable to server - power on tape drive once it get ready

6. power on server will detect as new device and windows will load the drivers for the tape drive...verify on device manager..