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DLP error while installing

Created: 23 Nov. 2012 • Updated: 16 Janv. 2013 | 17 comments
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Good afternoon.
I installed Oracle, configure the base, install DLP, set default SOLUTION pack (complete screen attached). The keys are also generated and placed in the folder. I want to go to the Symantec enfors server and check that out, but does not go.
Screens attached.
What can be done, or not make any sense to run, walk down the installation?
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try restarting vontu services.

if still does not help check the tomcat log.

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Install tomcat ,does it need to configure?

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tomcat within the Protect\logs\tomcat folder for the error?

does it still shows 403?

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yes still shows 403 error,doesnt understand this "tomcat within the Protect\logs\tomcat folder for the error?".

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can you post the localhost.2012-11-26 ( if the system date is 26th Nov) , may be we can get some information here.

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here it is )

Pièce jointeTaille
log.rar 39.22 KO
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is it a fresh install?

there are errors looks like DB related issue

Unable to verify database tablespace usage

suggest to open a support ticket

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Yes fresh install ,the customer begin to unwrap DLP a week ago,so i advice to make a case?

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Support can be make with demo version of product(What else i can try.

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Hi Holly,

Just check the installations step for DLP and oracle servers as there may be service communication issue in the same. also see whether after restarting the vontu services. DLP and DB servers resolves the issue. There is also possibility of corrupt installation set up . You can verfiy the same by hash value.


Kishorilal Sharma

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Did the fresh instal step by step,do all follow the instructions Symantec_DLP_Oracle_11g_Installation_Upgrade_Guide p 13-23

Symantec_DLP_11.6_Install_Guide_Win p 29-40

I Check installation and operation follow the Symantec_DLP_Oracle_11g_Installation_Upgrade_Guide p23,all ok.

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It seems to be login/ password (authetication ) of Enforec and Oracle DB issue. You should check all login passwors you created for above DLP application and find out mismathes. Also it may be prevelages / rights for specific Server/folder/application. 

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Solve DB problem.Now there is previous error.Any ideas?

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restart the vontu manager services in seqeunce.
How to stop the Manager Vontu Services:
1. Vontu Monitor Controller (if applicable)
2. Vontu Incident Persister
3. Vontu Manager
4. Vontu Notifier
5. Vontu Update (if necessary)

How to start the Manager Vontu Services:

1. Vontu Notifier
2. Vontu Manager
3. Vontu Incident Persister
4. Vontu Monitor Controller (if applicable)
5. Vontu Update (if necessary)

if it still does not help. check the tomcat log.

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hwat the current status? hope the issue has been resolved?

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Hi!All works fine now,thx for ur help.