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Do signed assemblies/dlls require net connection for validation at startup

Created: 17 Décembre 2013 • Updated: 06 Juin 2014 | 1 commentaire
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My company provides Windows based software products to clients in the form of DLLs and exes (both managed/.NET and unmanaged).  Some of our clients run our products on machines that have no internet/network connection in isolated environments.  We're wondering if we should sign (i.e., using Symantec Code Signing) our exes/dlls as we've seen posts of long dll load times as validation occurs at startup that requires internet connection?  Is this a concern?

Related questions:

1) Does a signed DLL/EXE attempt to validate its signing/certificate at startup to the point that a network/internet connection is required or optimal?

2) Do things work differently for the above based on whether managed or unmanaged DLLs?

3) Does the Generatepublishevidence property setting influence the above?


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Code signing does not require any internet connection in order to check the certificate at time of download or installation of a signed application.

What is happening when a customer is downloading your application let say from a CD for example, the certificate is referencing the already installed roots that are already installed on your customers operating system. So when a customer is connecting without a internet connection they will still be able to trust the certificate and not get a unknown publisher from your signed application.