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Does Daylight Savings Time affect Netbackup?

Created: 11 Fév. 2014 • Updated: 12 Mai 2014 | 3 comments
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Next weekend, it will end the DST for Brazil. I read some documentantion regarding the impacts and I came to this conclusion:

I do need to stop the schedule before the time change: # nbpemreq -suspend_scheduling

My environment has NBAC installed and there's an specific topic regarding tim change on the encryption guide

How system time affects access control

Credentials have a birth time and death time. Computers with large discrepancies in system clock time view credentials as being created in the future or prematurely expired. Consider synchronizing system time if you have trouble communicating between systems.

So I would neet to stop NetBackup Authentication and Authorization daemons for Shared Services.

Has anyone of you planned an DST before? Any comments or suggestions?


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NetBackup will not specifically look for the Day Light Saving, if I am correct. It relies on the master server time and does the backup scheduling accordingly. You will have to make sure your master is syncronized with your time server when the DST change is effective. You should confirm this with your server admins.

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Yogesh Jadhav
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Normal backup operation are not impacted by changes in time since backup are recorded in EPOCH time (seconds since 1/1 1973). I have never stopped backup operation during start or end of day light saving

I have heard form some our Oracle DBA there can be a impact if restore and recovery takes place in the hour where time is changed. This is not related to Netbackup but more about how Oracle uses time stamps.

Wikipedia article about EPOCH time format:

Assumption is the mother of all mess ups.

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Thank you for your replies.

The only question remains, what about NBAC? We had an issue when DST started. It locked every single user and we had to deactivate it.