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Domain Server

Created: 26 Décembre 2012 • Updated: 02 Janv. 2013 | 4 comments
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Hi friends.

We have a one Domain Controller Server( OS: Windows Server 2012) one which we will install Symantec Backup Exec 2012. Also we have around 10 other server( OS: Redhat Linux).

Is it possible, I can make the Domain Server as Main host and other linux server as client and integrate this client to the Main Windows Server.

Kindly Advice.

Thank You

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No hassles with this at all. You already know you'd install the full BE on your domain controller, and the RALUS agent on each of the remote servers.
From there, create your backup jobs and run them.


Alternative ways to access Backup Exec Technical Support:

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I hope there won't be any compability issues, as my clients are Linux based and host is Windows based

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Make sure that your version of RHEL is supported.  See the SCL below

BE 2012 SCL

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Hello Girish,

    There will be no compatibility issue when you install BE on Windows server and then backup the remote Linux machine using the Remote Agent for Linux and Unix Servers (RALUS) agent. Infact thsat is how it is backed up.

But the concern I have here is that Backup Exec 2012 still does not support Windows 2012 Servers. So my suggestions would be to wait till Win 2012 is fully supported by BE 2012.



Hope this piece of Information Helps you... and if it does then mark this response as Solution....!!!