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Duplicate to another Backup Exec Server

Created: 20 Juin 2013 • Updated: 28 Juin 2013 | 2 comments
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I've actually one BackupExec 2012 Server where job backup to disk are running

Shortly, i m going to receive a tape library connected to a different server. 

So if i want to duplicate job to tape, i have to install Backup Exec Server on my future server but how to "link" both servers .. Can it be done by the Central Admin Server Option ?
If yes, do i need a dedicated server or it can be install on one of the 2 servers ?
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You'd need CASO (through Enterprise Server Option), but I suspect it is dependant on the type of tape library...not sure if a locally attached tape drive/library is supported. You could install BE on that server and duplicate the backups to disk, and then configure the remote server to duplicate to tape.


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Not sure you can do it with standard B2D instead of Dedup but the private cloud setup involving CASO and Optimized Duplication can help with this type of scenario. Just ignore the references to VPN in the documents provided in

In reality the simplest scernario is attach the tape drive to the server that holds the disk storage and then do duplicate jobs from disk to tap and forget about 2 media servers.