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Endpoint + Windows XP Embeded

Created: 05 Fév. 2013 | 16 comments

Hi I am running Endpoint 12.1.671.4971 and I have two Windows XP Embeded machines that I want to roll the client software onto it.

I have tried by pushing the client and running it from the EXE file but neither way lets me install the client. It does show up in my listed clients but all info is blank.

Do I need to run a different install etc to get this up and running.


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Is the icon showing up in the task tray? Sounds like it installed...did you reboot?

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"...but neither way lets me install the client." - what is exactly happening - does the installer give any errors?

12.1 should be fine for embedded Os's.

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Hi it doesnt show as a tray icon but I can see it in the manager console. It shows as needing a restart but even restarting the machines doesnt make any difference.

I will try the install again and see what the error is.


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Can you start the client itself at all? - maybe problem is only that the tray icon is not displaying.

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Hi the install runs accross as expected then I get an saying Sevinst.exe has generate errors and will be closed by windows.

If I check event viewer I get Error 11708 and it just says Installation Failed.

This machine has just been factory reset.


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Hi no the AV is not hidden as failes with the above error, I can post a screenshot if needed?


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Hi yes I can do, are you able to point me in the right direction of getting the install log as dont think I have looked at one before.


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Hi Reddoor,

Hi I am running Endpoint 12.1.671.4971 and I have two Windows XP Embeded machines

Can you try the same install again with the latest release of SEP (SEP 12.1 RU2).  This new version contains a new sevinst and succeeds on certain embedded machines where the version you have fails.

Please update this thread with your progress using RU2!  &: )

Thanks and best regards,


With thanks and best regards,


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1.May be package got currupted If you are using the old package Make a fresh package and install.


2.system has infected and installation is rolled back: Use NSS to scan the system.


3.Update the patches and Run the cleanwipe and install new client package manually.

Thanks and Regards,

Mohammad zafar

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Hi if I download Symantec_Endpoint_Protection_12.1.2_Part1_Installation_EN.exe 12.1.2 posted Nov 14th 2012 will this be RU2?


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Yes, this is the RU2 version

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Hi I have installed the RU2 version and will try and update the two clients tomorrow.


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Have you gone through the specialised install steps for XPe?

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I have tried the install again, both push from the server and from and exe file and this time I get an ccsvchst.exe error followed by error 1920 sepmasterservice failed to start verify that you have the correct permissions, which I have?

Attached is the log file

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