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EV 10.0.1 Centera Colletion

Created: 15 Nov. 2012 • Updated: 15 Nov. 2012 | 6 comments
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EV 10.0.1 Centera Colletion creates thousands of folders in collection partition and after collection run all files disapprears, however it doesn't get rid of those thousands of folders. Is that normal? Can we manually delete those folders?

Many Thanks

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l'image des Rob.Wilcox

I have heard two schools of thought.. one is it's okay, one is it's not (storagefilewatch complaining afterwards).

So.. are the folders causing a problem?

l'image des ia01

Well, not sure if that's causing any problem or not! But if the fodlers keeps stacking up it may go beyon millions of empty folders after few months.

Is it safe to delete them?

l'image des CareFreeX

I vote, "It is OK to delete the empty folder". I don't recall it deleted immediately, but it should delete the empty folder automatically since ev8 Sp5 or so I think. 

l'image des Rob.Wilcox

I think you're right CareFreeX.. but I can't find anything in searching to confirm it.

Actually ...  From the EV 2007 SP 1 release notes:

Empty folders in Centera collections file area deleted [Ref 751147, E1096083]

In Centera partitions with collection enabled, empty folders in the collections file area will be deleted as they become unused. This will speed up Centera collection housekeeping.