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EV Authorization Manager Role for Service Desk?

Created: 19 Mars 2013 • Updated: 19 Mars 2013 | 5 comments
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Hi All

Can anyone tell me which role i should use in the EV Authorization Manager to assign to my Service Desk staff so that they just have the rights to set permissions on archives and NOT access to the edit the config of all the other stuff in EV?

Is it possible?

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l'image des RahulG

You may create a new customize role defination  and grant the following task 

EVT Manage Exchange Mailbox Archives.

for detailed steps refer

Note : I have not tried this but should help

l'image des sssstew

Thanks Rahul, ive created my custom role but when testing i get the below message when trying to open the console :-

The account you are using does not have sufficient privileges or is not in a role that allows you to administer this Enterprise Vault installation.

Do you know what other tasks might need granting?

l'image des RahulG

You may need to add the EVT administer Enterprise vault as well

If you want the service desk agent to modify permission for all the archive , you may need to add EVT Administer all Enterprise Vault archives

l'image des Rob.Wilcox

You always need the EVT Administer Enterprise Vault to be assigned.. otherwise you can't open the VAC.

l'image des sssstew

ahh yes got it after checking the other available options and your comment below comfirmed it for me, thanks.

Whats great is that this cut down permission also doesnt show any of the trees in the left window that they dont have access to, so they dont even see the targets or policies section.  Perfect :)