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General question about backing up\restoring Domain Controller from VMDK

Created: 07 Juin 2013 | 1 commentaire


Just curious how others are backing up their virtualized Domain Controllers keeping in mind that you may have to perform a restore from a previous backup.

Are you using the Backup Exec Agent, just backing up the VMDK or both? I cant think of any reason that i would have a need to restore from the file level as our DC's are serving no other functionality.

I did find an article on restoring a Virtualized Domain Controller so it almost appears that there would be no reason to use the Agent.


Any feedback, thoughts or opinions would be appreciated.

Thank you!


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When you backup a VM, you have the option of backing it up as a VM or as a physical machine.  If you back it up as a VM, you can restore the vmdk to recover the machine.  To answer your question, if you want fast recovery, backup and restore your DC as a VM.