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Ghost 11.5.1 image for making the efi system recovery error

Created: 23 Oct. 2012 • Updated: 14 Nov. 2012 | 8 comments
l'image des korea jjh

Will solve the problem for windows 7 efi system recovery when the recovery does not ask how.Ghost 11.5.1 Please tell us the most reliable way for the efi system recovery

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Can you explain in more detail what you are trying to do or what your problem is. It looks like English is not your first language, and unfortunately, what you have written does not clearly state your problem.

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More info please.

Genericly if you have an EFI bios there may be an option to put it into Legacy mode so that it will work with ghost.  I know for past systems that Dell has for some systems a BIOS update that can be applied that will allow for using legacy mode on a EFI bios.   Please check the following article for more suggestions.


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l'image des korea jjh

Is there any other way to solve the above?
Please let me know if

windows 7 Ghost image restore when the following screen will appear.

l'image des EdT

There are TWO partitions which are required for Windows 7 to boot correctly. The first is a hidden partition of around 100Mb which contains some of the boot files, and the second is the "main" partition which is mounted as the C: drive.

To fix this problem you can run a repair from a Windows 7 installation DVD, but from an imaging perspective, you need to ensure that you capture both partitions and deploy both of them to any target machines.

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l'image des korea jjh

Is there any way, except using the Windows 7 installation DVD?
When more than one way that can be solved in different ways, please let me know deployment tasks using GhostCastServer single pc, but you can use the Windows 7 installation DVD to proceed

Thank you.



l'image des EdT

I would recommend searching this forum and also the Articles forum in this community for postings which discuss Windows 7 imaging. This is a huge topic and of course there are many different ways of deploying Windows 7 including using sysprepped images. Other factors which can determine deployment choices is whether a KMS server is present to handle licensing and activation or whether you are using a volume MAK key.

For an initial test, try imaging the entire DISK instead of a single partition.  You will still need to reactivate an imaged machine since Windows 7 will easily detect that it is running on different hardware as the bios serial number and the network MAC address will be different, and of course if you use a sysprepped image, this automatically removes the licensing information as well.

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it really is a good idea to have the MSR partition in your Win7 backup.  If you run DISKPART on that machine, can you set a partition for bootable?