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HotFix Needed!...ALL SERVERS inaccessible

Created: 25 Avr. 2013 • Updated: 25 Avr. 2013 | 3 comments
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I was using B. Exec 2012 with account issues of any sort.

And suddenly, I am now unable to look at any job properties of any Server. And all jobs fail because I get Final Error 0xe0009b61

V-79-57344-3977 says to call Symantec to get hotfix that may not be available for public release.

How do I get this hotfix?!

(I hesitate to simply run Live Update and "hope", since many unnecessary hotfixes "create" other issues)


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If you have support in place with them, log a call and ask them for the HF. They should then supply won't be available on LiveUpdate either as it is probably untested at this stage.


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All my jobs are failing.

The job log and V-79-57344-39777 says to call for the HotFix.

I cannot imagine that a support contract would be needed to get a required hotfix to enable the S/W to run.

How could that be?

l'image des CraigV the TN and you should see that the patch is probably not fully supported yet. You'd call them and they'd get you to absolve them somehow, or installing the patch and getting it to work actually needs Symantec's assistance. Either or...

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