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How to delete multiple drive path from media server

Created: 30 Août 2012 • Updated: 12 Oct. 2012 | 2 comments
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Netbackup version : 7.1

Robot and tape drives - HP LTO4

We have four media servers in our environment and were being configured to share a dirve with only one path.

One of the media server is not showing 2 different paths for a drive. How we can correct the configuration again?

i tried deleting the drives and reconfiured it but it is still showing one extra drive for that media servers.

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You need to check all of your connections / zoning and if things have changed reboot your media servers to ensure that they are correctly up to date.

Check all O/S's to see if they only see one path and once you are totally sure that they do then delete everything, restart all netbackup services on all servers and then re-run the wizard

If it still detects an extra path somewhere then it is most likely an O/S thing - are you Windows or Unix?

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Windows client only and we have not done any changes in Zoning. however, I'll cross check this again with storage team.