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How to generate Altiris Client Management Suite inventory report...???

Created: 01 Oct. 2012 • Updated: 02 Oct. 2012 | 3 comments
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I have installed altiris client management suit 7.1 SP2. I want to generate a report on a specific user software/hardware report. But how can I do this..???

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Inventory is gathered by computer not user.  Find which PC this person is using then get a report from the computer.  There should be some canned reports for hardware and software inventory by computer:

look for:

Installed software by computer

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The only canned user report on 7.1 SP2 is for local User Account Information. 

If you need specific user information, a custom report can be written and the KB attached can assist you in that process:

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Assuming the user in question is the primary user for the hardware you search, you can try this report I created. Its based on the Primary User by Computer and now can be used to deliver info on computers where a user is the Primary User and will also show all installed software from add/remove inventory. Import under reports. If you need more detailed hardware informations you would need to join more inventory tables.

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Software & Computer by Primary User.xml 21.04 KO

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