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how to push nbu s/w from master to client server

Created: 27 Nov. 2012 • Updated: 03 Janv. 2013 | 1 commentaire
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how to push nbu s/w from master to client server in solaris?

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Both master and client on Solaris? 

Steps are described in NBU Installation Guide  (see "About remote installation methods for UNIX clients"):

1. Enable rsh between server and client for the purpose of push-install. You can disable it directly after the installation. (Test rsh before you try).
2. Create a policy for this client. Use the option in the Clients tab to install software on client.

If rsh is not an option, read in manual how to push-install via cmd using ssh, ftp or sftp.

Please ensure successful forward and reverse name lookup between server and client (use hosts file or DNS).

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