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Incremental backups of DFSR shares always back up everything

Created: 22 Oct. 2012 | 6 comments


when I run cumulative incremental backups of servers with DFSR resources, the DFSR resources are always backed up in full. I noticed there was a bug regarding this  in, so I upgraded to, which was supposed to fix this. Unfortunately, the problem still exists. Any ideas?

Additionally, when opening a support call for tis issue, the last step of the form (step 2 -> step 3) leads to a 404 page, maybe someone should look into that.

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l'image des Nicolai

This is because you have TIR (True Image Restore) enabled in the policy. Uncheck TIR in the policy

Assumption is the mother of all mess ups.

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l'image des Thorsten Jens

Hello Nikolai,
I'm sorry but I have neither TIR in the policy nor the affected version you referenced (6.5.6).

l'image des Marianne

I agree - according to Release Notes, eTrack 2776057 is supposed to be fixed.

We can unfortunately no assist with your call logging issue, but maybe we can provide advice to some extent...
How are you logging the call? Using MySupport/MySymantec?
If so, and it still fails, you may want to log a call telephonically:

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l'image des Thorsten Jens

I tried MySymantec, that led to the 404. I somehow came across a Symnatec page that advised me to write to, but that email came back undeliverable. I tried calling, but noone picked up the phone.

I just tried MySymantec again, and it went through this time. Let's see what they have to say.

l'image des Mark_Solutions

Just a double check ... have you run a successful full backup prior to running the incremental ones since you patched to - and also that you have patched Master, Media and Clients.


Authorised Symantec Consultant

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l'image des Thorsten Jens

Yes, full backups were run after the patches. Clients, Media and Master servers have been patched.