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Installing DA on passive node of clustered EV server using MSCS

Created: 02 Août 2012 • Updated: 08 Oct. 2012 | 5 comments
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Dear Experts,

We are proposing an archiving solution to one of customer. We have Exchange 2007 with 2050 mailboxes and 2 file servers with around 3TB data. The requirement is to have clustered EV with DA. I just want to check if we can host the DA on the passive node of the cluster used for EV.

MSCS 2008 R2 SP1 and EV 10.0.1


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hang on... so you have a 2 node cluster, one passive, one active, and you want EV on the active and DA on the passive, and when EV node fails, it goes to the passive node which also hosts DA?
So more like an Active/Active cluster?

Or did you want DA with an active/passive, and EV with an Active/Passive?

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We need DA standalone and EV Active Passive

Plan is to have a preferred server on which EV will be active almost all the time.... to make use of the high end other server which will be passive most of the time we want to install DA...

Can this work? Will DA have any issues if the EV fails over to the server it is hosting...

Also is it possible to create 2 node MSCS cluster with one physical host and one VM host and host EV on it?


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I would not recommend that.  If the requirement is to have EV clustered then dedicate the cluster to EV and put DA on its own server, rather that be virtual or physical.

And as for having one node of the cluster physical and one virtual, this was discussed here:

I agree with the second post, it might be technically supported and pass Cluster Verification but I wouldn't necessarily recommend that as a viable solution.  If cost is the issue then availability must not be the driving factor.

Why not just look at virtualizing the entire deployment and having a good backup and DR plan to minimize downtime? 

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I agree. How good EV supports virtulized environment?

Another option can be to have EV running on two physical nodes and DA hosted on a virtual machine?

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Sorry for the late reply, EV works pretty good in a Virtual environment.  Have read of this:

and also this: