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Linux Servers showing as Backup Exec storage

Created: 03 Août 2013 | 7 comments

Hey i am running BE 2012 SP2, and whenever i install ralus onto a linux server, it shows up as available storage in the Storage panel.  Please see attached image.

Is this by design, and why?Capture.PNG

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l'image des pkh

What is the variant of Linux that you are running?

l'image des ajhstn

Hi pkh,

They are Red Hat Enterprise Linux Server release 6.3 (Santiago)

l'image des Kunal.Mudliyar

Looks like you have enabled the client side deduplication for these Linux boxes.

You can can disable it after going to the properties of the individual servers  from the servers tab.

There will a tab that says direct access sharing.


as per BE 2012 SCL 6.3 is not a supported OS with BE 2012 SP2

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l'image des ajhstn

Hi, client side is enabled by default when i created the job.  I have since aready switched it to server side, but the direct access sharing still exists and shows in the storage view.

I can keep trying to ignore that it is there, but is there another way to completely remove it?

Would i have to remove the server completely from BE, then add it again without client side enabled?

l'image des Kunal.Mudliyar

Apart form the storage tab,

Direct Access sharing is also visible on the details screen for a server (linux server) on the Backup and Restore tab.

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l'image des ajhstn

Hi Kunal,

thank you for that, but Kunal that does not answer the question.  How can i get rid of my linux servers being displayed in the storage tab when client side dedup is NOT enabled?

l'image des Kunal.Mudliyar

Sorry for not been clear earlier

If you have disabled the client side deduplication from the

storage tab,

the job properties and

the backup and restore tab`s dirct access sharing 

Resart the services once

Later go ahead and try to remove the Linux server from the storage tab by right clicking on it.

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