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Created: 15 Juin 2012 • Updated: 10 Oct. 2012 | 3 comments
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After turning on learn applications, where do I go to get a list of applications that are currently running in my environment?


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login into SEPM console

click the Policies and click on serach applications



 SEP client with Application Learning enabled will track each and every application running on it and forward this information to the SEPM. The SEPM processes this data and inserts parts of it into two different database tables: COMPUTER_APPLICATION and SEM_APPLICATION. The SEM_APPLICATION table is essentially a list of all learned applications (file hash, executable file name, file path, file size, version etc). The COMPUTER_APPLICATION table contains data on the “who”, ”what”, and “when” of Learned Applications. Essentially it is a list of when what machines encountered what applications.

you can serach the application from SEPM console.

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Check this Video


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Check this Article:

Monitoring the applications and services that run on client computers

You can use a query tool to search for the list of applications that the client computers run. You can search on application-based criteria or computer-based criteria. For example, you can find out the version of Internet Explorer that each client computer uses.

See Searching for information about the applications that the computers run.

You can save the results of an application search for review.

See Saving the results of an application search.

Hope that helps!!

Mithun Sanghavi
Senior Consultant

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