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Migration to 2012

Created: 24 Oct. 2013 | 5 comments


We presently have Symantec Backup Exec 2010 R2 running in our environment.

After contacting licnese department we bought the required licenses for 2012.

What's the procedure to upgrade to 2012 :

Is it a direct upgrade or will have to check any pre requisites before upgrading ?


Operating Systems:

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Hello suren424,  

Backup Exec 2012 is quite a bit different than other Backup Exec versions, before the upgrade review these links 

Backup Exec 2012 Upgrade guide:
Preparing to Install or Upgrade to BE 2012:
About upgrading from previous verisons of Backup Exec:
Here is a great How to Upgrade from Backup Exec 2010R3 to Backup Exec 2012 from pkh
If possible install Backup Exec 2012 on a test machine first so you can see how it looks and learn the new interface. Also, alot of times a fresh install versus an upgrade is a cleaner and in the long run an easier way to go
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My questions :

1)Can we upgrade from 2010 R2 to 2012 ?

2)Is it mandatory to first update to 2010 R3 and then upgrade to 2012?

3) If updated to 2010 R3 ,do we need to update all the remote agents or will the server update automatically after updating to 2010 R3.


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Yes. You can upgrade from BE 2010 R2 to BE 2012. There is no need to upgrade to R3 first

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I would like to test the BE 2012 version on a test environment ...

Can i get the v-ray edition trial for few days for testing purpose and make it live on other server with the actual licenses.

My test environment :

OS : Windows 7 Prof 

Fresh Install

Prod Environment :

Windows Server 2008 R2 Enterprise

Upgrade from 2010 R3 - -> BE 2012

What do u suggest ?

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You cannot use Win 7 as a media server for BE 2012.  It is not supported.  BE 2012 needs a server class OS for a media server, meaning Server 2003 and upwards.