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MSSQL 2012 cluster High Availability on VMware

Created: 19 Juin 2013 • Updated: 30 Août 2013 | 5 comments
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i would like to know when SQL 2012 will be supported with HA Console wizard.

we need to implement VCS SQL 2012 in a VMware environment so we can use VCS with VMotion, DRS, etc...

i know that i can configure VCS Cluster manually without a wizard but this require highly knowledge of the VCS and a hight level overview of the process, so currently this is not an option


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MS-SQL 2012 is supported in SFWHA 6.02.

You may need to upgrade your console to 6.02 in order to configure MS-SQL 2012.  Download the updated software using your serial number at

Doug Snyder

Doug Snyder

Technical Architect 5

Columbus, Ohio USA

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Hi Douglas

i have installed the latest HA Console with no luck... only SQL 2008 can be configured with the wizard from the console.


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SQL2012 support in the HA console is added through the AppHA Agent Pack.  You can download this from

Once downloaded, extract and browse to \windows\win\application_ha\6.0 and review the readme to see if this is what you are after.



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Hello Dan

i m not interested for Application HA. this is a different product

I want to configure VCS for SQL 2012 throught HA Console



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The HA console for vCenter now covers both VCS and ApplicationHA. One management plug-in for both products.

Joe D