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nbdb_ping returns "Database [NBDB] is alive and well on unknown server"

Created: 26 Juin 2012 | 9 comments
l'image des Juannillus

Hello all,

I have executed the command nbdb_ping and it returns the following message:

Database [NBDB] is alive and well on unknown server.

NBU version is, over Solaris 10 in a VCS. Master and EMM server is the same machine. Everything works as it should, but Ihave two questions:

- Can the "unkown server" cause any problems?

- What file should I modify to get it returns the proper hostname?

I have seen other post about problems with the EMM and they asked for this other outputs:

- nbemmcmd -listhosts

cluster            Virtual_name_of_the_cluster
server             Virtual_name_of_the_cluster
master            Node_1_of_the_cluster
master            Node_2_of_the_cluster

- bpclntcmd -self
yp_get_default_domain failed: (6) internal yp server or client error
NIS does not seem to be running: (1) args to yp function are bad
gethostname() returned: Virtual_name_of_the_cluster
host Virtual_name_of_the_cluster: Virtual_name_of_the_cluster at x.x.x.x
aliases:     Virtual_name_of_the_cluster    x.x.x.x

Can it be because in the Emm host list the virtual name is shown as server and not as master?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Kind regards,


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l'image des mph999

You can run the database with NBU down, so no config is coming from EMM.

Will it cause an issue, maybe/ maybe not - can't say .   You explain it is working fine, well it may be ok then, but perhaps an upgrade could fail, or something else in the future  - no way of knowing to be honest.

I suspect the name will be in one of these files ...





Regards,  Martin
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l'image des Juannillus

Hello Martin,

again thanks for your time.

In the three files the name that appear is NB_virtual_cluster_name, which is what it should be returning the nbdb_ping, but it is not.



l'image des mph999

Not coming from there then ...

The server name should be embedded in the SQL DB itself, so as it is not  coming from the files, it will be in the SQL DB then ...

This will need a support call to fix, as manual SQL will be needed to fix tyhis I suspect.  It will need to go to a BackLine engineer.


Regards,  Martin
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l'image des watsons

Might want to check how bp.conf is configured as well..for entries below


l'image des Juannillus

I've checked it and it is configured as it should. I've opened a support case and will update with the resolution.

Thaks for your time.


l'image des mph999

No problem.  

When you are able, please mark the post that helped you the most as the slution - thx.


Regards,  Martin
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l'image des llanglade

We have the same issue on one  of our server. Did you manage to solve it ?

l'image des revaroo

Sounds like this could be just a minor bug and may not be anything to worry about. Look forward to knowing if support came to any conclusions.

l'image des mph999

I agree with revaroo - sometimes, even if things aren't quite as they should be, but, everything is working leave it alone.


You never know if it will cause an issue in the future, in this case I am thinking an upgrade ... impossible to say though, unless you try it.

However, once it is worked out where the name should be coming from, it may be possible to predict if this will cause an issue.


Regards,  Martin
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