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New Connect forum layout

Created: 08 Août 2012 | 4 comments
l'image des Ian_C.

To the forum admins

Please consider these two things about the new layout of the forums.

  1. Thumbs up & down are both green. This makes it harder to distinguish / notice. Please change the Thumbs down to red or at the very least explain why both are now green.
  2. I've always liked that you can link directly to a comment in your forums and therefor bookmark it. Now, that the link for the actual comment has the time stamp, I have to manually change my bookmark instead of using the heading of the comment. A bit painful. Please could you revise this.

Thank you for providing one of the better forums out there.

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l'image des pkh

2) No.  The link is still linked to the comment.  Click on it and you will see that the anchor is the comment, not the timestamp.

l'image des Andy Welburn

Maybe it's the resulting change to the  right-click->"bookmark this link" functionality of FF that the OP is now missing?

(but then there's more than just this issue with the loss of the subject line ..... )

l'image des Ian_C.

@Andy Welburn

Thank you for understanding me. This behaviour is not limited to Firefox only. In IE if I want to add to Favourites, the same thing happens.

Please mark the post that best solves your problem as the answer to this thread.
l'image des Kevin

Hi all,

We have a ticket in our system to address this shortcoming.