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Norton Save and Restore 2.0 R.I.P.

Created: 19 Fév. 2013 • Updated: 10 Mars 2013 | 6 comments
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I purchased Save and Restore in Feb of 2009 and since then have been backing up my data with it.  Well, it finally happened.  My old PC died.  I need to get my data from my external hard drive.

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l'image des pkh

This forum is for Backup Exec.  You got to post your problem on the Norton forum.

l'image des All Hallows Eve

Thanks for pointing a newbie in the right direction, but Norton Save and Restore wasn't one of the options on the drop-down.  You live, you learn...

l'image des All Hallows Eve

How does one go about posting one's problem on the Norton forum?

l'image des Ashish-Sharma

On a kind note: I would request you to add a Thread on the Norton Community.

Thanks In Advance

Ashish Sharma

l'image des All Hallows Eve

Thanks oh kind one, you are the best...and speedy.  

I thought this was the Norton community.  Opps wrong planet.

Just as we in the US have separation of church and state; there is also separation of Norton and Symantec.

l'image des Colin Weaver

The analogy is closer to both Catholics and Mormons use churches but if you want to ask a question that is specific to the Catholic religion you don't walk into a Mormon Church.