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Patch Management reports

Created: 06 Juin 2013 | 3 comments

Is there any way I can bring up a report on a machine and see what isn't installed, and also include the policy those patches may be in ?

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go to Home--> Patch Management --> Compliance and Remediation --> Compliance Dashboard

and check

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Hi Sachin, sorry - thats the wrong answer :-)

Let me explain. - When I check what patches are required for a specific machine I would like to know, out of those patches, which ones are included in a policy and which ones aren't. I dont want to have to check each patch individually to see waht policy its in (cause thats just nuts)


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Run the Compliance by Bulletin report with Parameter: 'Distribution Status:' dropdown set to 'Active'

This will only return compliance for updates that have been downloaded and have a Software Update Policy created for them.

Keep in mind that the Compliance Reports will remove any bulletins that are not vulnerable or have been superseded in the environment.