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PGP Error - the required organization key is not your own keyring.

Created: 05 Sept 2012 | 1 commentaire
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Hi Anyone,

My Company using PGP Desktop 10.2.1 MP2 with PGP Universal Server 3.2.1 MP2 And Almost computer installed PGP Desktop and Enrolled correctly. but only 1 PC has some problem. follow,

"The required Organization Key is not your keyring. Contact your Security Administrator"

this error message is happen when client install the PGP Desktop and trying to enrollment after rebooted. i haven't seen it before. and i do not know what is root causion. if anyone know this problem and how to fix it, please let me know!

PS : that client pc is levovo t420 model and using window 7 64bit os.

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I'm wondering if your organization is requiring the use of an Additional Decryption Key, and that it is this ADK that is not in the keyring as required.

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