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Problem with Partition collection

Created: 11 Avr. 2007 • Updated: 23 Nov. 2012 | 5 comments
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how I can stop processing the CAB files to be created ?

I explain why: I have 2 partitions: PTN1 and PTN2

PTN1 is located in drive F with 500 MB free space and closed

PTN2 is located in drive G with 500 GB free space and open


The Admin service shut down all services because it says that the drive F is lack of free space, because the CAB file collection is still working every X days. If the partition is closed why it keep writting cab files on it ?


can someone can help ?

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cab files are being created as part of the collection process.  DVS files are being put into cab files.  If you change the age at which files are collected for that partition new cab files will stop being created.
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this point is clear to me, but i don't understand why when a partition is closed it keep writting on it and then causing the Admin service to close all the services due to lack of free space.


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Collections continue to run once enabled, even on closed partitions.
In order to create the CAB file, and for safety reason EV creates a copy of the DVS file and puts it in to the CAB file.
The Admin Service automatically checks for free space on local disks.  You can turn this off, but I would not recommend it, unless it is a last resort. Take a look at option 2 of this Technote:
Enterprise Vault (EV) services fail to start with the error: "The Enterprise Vault Archiving Service for EXCH1 service on Local Computer started and then stopped."
If you choose to do this, use anopther application to monitor Free space.
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Thanks Rob for clarifying that to me. So if i have 500 MB free space on my closed partition, the CAB files will continue to be written until the free space will be  0 ? what's the point ? I am quite sure i missed somethin in the whole idea behind that.


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You will probably find that it is not the CAB files that are filling up the space, is files with an Extension of .ArchDVS
Do a search for *.ARCHDVS on that Partition to find the extent of the issue.
The CAB creation process should not fill up the drive, but these files are temporary files that are created when a user recalls a file that has been collected.
These should be cleared automatically after a period, but if they are not, it could be that the collections period does not have enough time to Collect all the items and then clear up these files.  Try Extending the collections period and monitor for a few days.