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Problem with replication on control server (CMS 7.1 SP2)

Created: 27 Sept 2013 | 1 commentaire

Good day! On the control server (NS) installed Client Management Suite 7.1 SP2. When the replication to another server (NS) is configured and when i call the context menu in the console on the position of the established rule, an error occurs: Error processing menu item context: An error occurred calling web service.undefined. After rebooting the server the problem disappear, but there was another error: object Required cfgReplicationResourceRule.aspx (string 3459, symbol 9). The error occurs even when you open a console from different workstation. Using Internet Explorer to open console. Is there any solution for the problem?

Second question: after replication a list of installed software, i can't see this list on "Management > Computers > AnyComputer (software list)" . Anybody had situation like this?

Operating Systems:

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Sounds like either java or silverlight errors?  do the versions match on the Parent SMP and Child SMP?