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Created: 10 Oct. 2012 • Updated: 11 Oct. 2012 | 5 comments
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Hello every one.

Can any explain with possible pictures or print screens on how to push or remotely install netbackup clients on windows. I am pretty new to netbackup windows environment. I can do this in UNIX and Linux.

Thank you.

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You have to use netbackup live update.  It's more involved than just running a single command.

Here's a process flow.. (technical)

Here's the documentation...

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Nathan, thanks for your response. however live update is a second option for me now. I basically want to push clients binaries into a new server that needs to be backed up. I just need some one to explain to me how this is done on windows. I know its possible without the live update procedures. thanks.

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Screen shots here. Please note:

  • In step 6(nb05.png), you should add all the media servers you have into additional servers
  • In step 7(nb06.png), click Add button.
  • In step 8(nb07.png), Enter "." or client host name in Domain field if your hosts are in Workgroup environment.
nb00.png nb01.png nb02.png nb03.png nb04.png nb05.png nb06.png nb07.png nb08.png nb09.png nb10.png nb11.png nb12.png

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l'image des Dolly

You Guys are awsome especially Yasuhisa Ishikawa. Just exactly what i needed. Thanks Guys. Thank you Yasuhisa.