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Question about EV SIS and Exchange journaling

Created: 25 Oct. 2010 • Updated: 25 Oct. 2010 | 7 comments
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I plan on implementing exchange journaling soon. Will this affect single instant storage in EV 9? I will be archiving the jounal mailbxoes on a continous basis of course but I will also continue to archive user mailbxes in order to control mailbox sizes. If an email already exists in the vault because it was archived from the journaling mailbox will the user mailbox copy be "linked" to it via SIS or will I have two copies of the same email in my vault, the one archived from the Journaling mailbox and the one archived from the user's mailbox?

thank you.

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SIS is shared if the journaling vault and archiving vault are in the same vault store group.

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remember that each will have its own index and SIS only "kicks in" if EV deems it to be eficient. for example, it only bothers to SIS messages over a certain size.

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Is this configurable? Can I tell EV when to use SIS and when not to use it?

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you can configure to share within vault store or share within group but not any more granular than that as far as i know

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Yes, basically speaking, once an item is archived via Journal archiving, subsequent archiving will result in modifications to the fingerprint db to creat new pointers.


Due to the nature of the OSIS model, a significant number of items do not fall under the single-instance criteria and you will still see growth in the mailbox vault stores.  It has been my experience that you'll see a savings of ~40% in the mailbox vault stores, but that you'll still have to account for the full amount of data in the Journal vault stores.

i.e.  if done separately - Journal VS 100GB

                                       Mailbox VS 100GB

but if using OSIS you get - Journal VS 100GB

                                           Mailbox VS 60GB

mileage may vary depending on all of the environmental conditions, etc...

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I'm assuming ... :) ... the items that do not fall under SIS are none-email related? Or are there certain email message types that meet criteria which would prohibit EV from invoking SIS on them?

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From the performance guide:

The limit at which items are considered eligible for sharing is termed the “SIS threshold”, and it is currently set at 20 KB. If the value was higher, the level of sharing would be reduced. If the value was lower then there would be more overhead in processing shared parts with little actual gain in space because of the overhead in creating two separate files. The size of the item is calculated by Enterprise Vault and may differ from the size seen in Outlook or other viewers. Messages whose apparent size is smaller than 20 KB may have shareable parts when calculated by Enterprise Vault.