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re-using of tapes in netbackup 6.0 MP4

Created: 17 Sept 2012 • Updated: 07 Oct. 2012 | 1 commentaire
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can any one suggest me how to resue the tapes, in a safe way.

presently i am having few tapes where data has been written by a unsuccessfull job and expired images.

1. Do i need to relabel it. (but my idea is to resue with same tape number)

Thanks in advance

keshav b a

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l'image des Marianne

You can re-label using the same media-id.

Label is similar to 'quick erase'.

Just check that tape was not Frozen as a result of the errors. You will need to unfreeze first.
Also check that there are no valid images for this media-id - label will fail if tape is Assigned.

PLEASE upgrade your NBU environment to 7.x ASAP.
NBU 6.x will reach EOSL on 3 October 2012.

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