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redeploy an image with multiple partitions to larger hard drive

Created: 20 Décembre 2012 | 1 commentaire

IN Altiris server deployment,  I would like to know if I use a larger hard drive  than the original  and want to restore  multiple partition, which is the default behavior : the primary partition remain same size, secondary will use all remaining space?  or primary and secondary partitions  have same size than original and remaining space  stays free?

example  if original disk is 300GB partition 1 is 30GB partition 2 is 100GB and new disk is 500GB? which is  the result when you use this new hard drive same server restoring the image?

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l'image des bhawver

From my experience, the last partition (in your example, partition 2) gets the remainder of the space unless you use switches.

Brian Hawver
Systems Engineer
Yaskawa America, Inc.

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