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Remove Bypass without network

Created: 01 Décembre 2013 • Updated: 03 Décembre 2013 | 3 comments
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Hi all.

I have a customer with PGP WDE and he nedds to add bypass on bootguard.

So far so good at this point, but the customer requested that if the computer is not connected to the network, the bypass is disabled.

Is this possilbe, if so, how?


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Bootguard is not network aware. So Bootguard can not detect if it is booted up on a network (or a particular business network) or if it is booted up without any network connectivity. So it is not possible to set a bypass that is only active when you are connected to the network, and disabled when you are not connected.

I am no longer a Symantec employee.

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Japke is right. I would add what I've posted in another thread.

The Drive Encryption was designed to completely protect the disk, including the operating system. After the authentication is done, the disk is unlocked and accessible like a non-encrypted disk.

If you need to store encrypted data and can afford to expose the Operating System you need to look for File Share Encryption.



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OK I understood, i will find another way to do this.