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Rename Site and Servers

Created: 15 Fév. 2008 • Updated: 14 Août 2012 | 1 commentaire
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Hi to all,
I have installed EV 7.5 on a cluster with site name Site1 and the server, under Enterprise Vault Servers, appears as EVSRV1. I installed another EV Server using the directory service of the 1st EV Server and I created a new site. The 2nd's site name, by my mistake obviously, appear as Site55 and the EV server of the 2nd site appears as EV-SRV2. I want to rename the 2nd site name and the server. Is it possible and , if yes, how can this be done?
Thank you in advance for your help.
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For renaming the server, I did a quick search of the Forum and found the following:
It would be worth pinging support to make sure nothing gets mucked up.