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Replacement Servers for EV

Created: 13 Août 2009 • Updated: 21 Mai 2010 | 1 commentaire

I am replacing the existing EV 8.02 Servers with new servers.  After reading through the Forum it appears the prefered way on migrating to new hardware is to do a "data-only backup" as described in the Admin Guide.  My other option was to following the steps as described in Support Doc: 293911.  I am using the same server names and IP address.  The disk drives use the same driver letter and configuration. The SQL Server and 

Vault Storage are on seperate servers.

I have two EV servers on

EV01: Directory, Storage, Task Controller, Shopping, Index services
EV02: Directory , Task Controller, and Shopping services

In reviewing the data-only backups,  I am unclear if I am to run Procedure 8: Clearing the Directory Database, since I am using the same server name.  And if I do need to run Procedure 8 do I run it for each server?  On the data-only backup process what Procedures 1 - 12 do I need to run?  Any help is greatly apprciated.

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Step 1 For all servers
Step 2 For SQL server
Step 3 Sor SQL server
Step 4 Skip if you are not renaming the servers
Step 5 For all servers
Step 6 For all servers
Step 7 For all servers
Step 8 for all servers
Step 9 for all servers
Step 10 for all servers