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Restoring data with BEWS 12 backup through BEWS 2010

Created: 24 Fév. 2014 • Updated: 12 Avr. 2014 | 3 comments
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Can we  restore backup taken through BEWS 12  by  2010 r3.  Please  confirm  the same


Prajyot K

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Sorry I  made mistake.

Backup  Taken through version :  BEWS 2010

Restoring  through version :  BEWS 12

Can we restore it  please  confirm


Prajyot K

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You might not be able to do this. Depending on your version of BE 2010 (R1? R2? R3?), this might not be possible. If it was backed up in BE 12 and you wanted to restore using BE 2010 you would be fine.

You can try the restore (make sure your date ranges are correct) and if it doesn't work then it isn't compatible due to the improvements in the newer version.


Alternative ways to access Backup Exec Technical Support:

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When you are referring to BEWS12, do you mean Backup Exec 2012? Backup Exec is capable to restore backups taken from previous version going up. (Meaning BE 2012 allows you to restore backups that were taken using BE 2010, but not the other way around.)

You may have a couple of options with BE 2012. One would be to import a legacy B2D folder and restore from there. Backup Exec 2012 also has the option to restore Exchange data to a PST file and this can be done if backed up with a previous version. You may want to refer to the following tech articles for more information:

Laurie Downey

Backup Exec

Advanced Tech Support

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